The Younique Compensation Plan – How Much Can You Really Earn?

The Younique Compensation Plan - How Much Can You Really Earn

When joining an MLM company, there’s always a question of whether or not you can earn money. Do you believe in the products and how well they can sell? Do you have a sizable network that can help populate your downline? Thankfully, the Younique compensation plan and the company’s system makes it easy to answer those questions.

Making Money with Younique

The Younique compensation plan is arguably the easiest to understand for yourself and explain to others. The company’s royalties program has 8 color ranks that determine the commissions you’re eligible to get. Your status will depend on your sales, your downline’s sales, the number of presenters you recruit, and the number of presenters your downline recruits. The higher your status, the greater your commissions.

Here’s a breakdown of how you can earn money as a Younique Presenter:

  • Retail Royalties

Presenters earn between 20 to 30% commissions on all the sales they make, including your personal orders. The great part about these commissions is they are paid out within 3 hours of a sale.

  • Circle Royalties

Younique incentivizes presenters who build teams. One part of the incentives is being able to earn commissions from the sales of the people you recruit as part of your downline.

  • Generation Royalties

The next incentive for team builders is generation royalties. You earn a 3 to 5% pay increase when your first downline recruits another presenter, when the second generation recruits another, and so on. Essentially, the bigger you can grow your team, the more money you can make.

Performance Bonuses

If those incentives aren’t enough for you, the Younique compensation plan offers plenty more.

Each year, Younique takes the top distributors on an all-expenses-paid vacation to some of the most idyllic locations in the world. The company believes that if you work hard, you deserve to play hard.

Younique also offers a car incentive where you can apply your bonus for any car you like or put the reward towards an existing car payment.

Lastly, if you reach the Executive level two presenter, you can qualify for a $5000 vacation property allowance.

For a company with a mission to uplift and empower, they’re doing it right with these incentives.

Receiving Your Earnings

Most MLM companies payout on a weekly or monthly basis. With Younique, you can get some of your earnings within 3 hours of making a sale.

When you become a Younique Presenter, they set you up with a PayQuicker account. The company will deposit your retail commissions almost instantly. This allows you to transfer or spend your earnings more efficiently.

Once you reach $50 worth of commissions, Younique will also provide you with a branded debit card. This means you no longer have to wait for your bank transfer to push through. Do note that the card does deduct fees for every transaction you make.

Grab This Opportunity with Younique

Grab This Opportunity with Younique

If you’re interested in joining an MLM, Younique has many advantages to offer. It’s a big plus that it’s involved in the cosmetics industry because there’s a big market with a huge demand for their products. The fact that they market solely on social media means you can get a bigger reach than what you already have.

Don’t hesitate to be part of the movement! For more information, visit Younique by Dylan, a leading independent distributor of Younique products. Sign up for the newsletter and get the chance to receive exclusive offers and promotions.

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