Younique Eye Arsenal Review – Create Eye-Catching Looks

Younique Eye Arsenal Review

Many people consider the eyes to be their best asset. And makeup is a great way to bring even more focus to them. With eyeshadows, eye liner, and mascara, you can bring a simple definition or a dramatic flare to any look. Eye makeup is essential to have. So if you’re looking to beef up your collection, it’s time to review the Younique Eye Arsenal.

Curated Just for You

Curated Just for You

Younique has always been committed to offering high-quality products that help uplift, empower, and validate customers. This collection is no different.

Carefully curated with you in mind, the Eye Arsenal collection has everything you need to create a variety of looks with stunning results every time.

What’s in the Bag?

What’s in the Bag

If you’re wondering about all the products that you’re getting, here are the items in the Eye Arsenal.

  • Mascara

Younique gives you the option to get either the Moodstruck Epic 4D One-Step Fiber Mascara or the Moodstruck Epic Mascara. The latter also allows you to choose among black, brown, or a waterproof black mascara.

  • Fillable Palette

The Eye Arsenal also comes with the Moodstruck Pressed Shadow Quad Palette which allows you to customize the colors that come with it.

  • Eyeshadow

Since you’re getting a quad palette, you need 4 eyeshadows to complete it. Have a fun time choosing your favorites among 51 different colors and finishes. Whether you prefer glitters, metallics, mattes, or satins, there’s Moodstruck Pressed Shadow Refill for you.

  • Brow Liner

You’ll also be getting the Moodstruck Precision Brow Liner which comes in light, medium, and dark colors.

  • Eyeliner

You have more choices to make when you pick an eyeliner. You can get the Dip & Draw Eyeliner, a liquid eyeliner with 5 colors to choose from. Or you can grab the Moodstruck Precision Pencil Eyeliner that offers a choice of 10 colors.

  • Makeup Remover

Eye makeup can be tricky to remove, especially if you have waterproof products on. Younique makes this easy by letting you pick either the You·Ology Cleansing Stick, the You·Ology Liquid Makeup Remover, or the You·Ology Cleansing Cloths.

Make sure to review your choices before checking out!

Things to Love About the Younique Eye Arsenal Collection

Things to Love About the Eye Arsenal Collection

People have different opinions and varying tastes. The same can be said when choosing makeup and creating a look. While you’re getting a specific set of products, Younique gives you the option to make the Eye Arsenal your own by letting you pick and choose among types of products and what colors they come in.

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest across the face. This is something to consider when choosing makeup because you don’t want the products to have ingredients that may irritate the skin. Fortunately, Younique makeup is free of harmful ingredients such as alcohols, allergens, gluten, sulfates, parabens, and synthetic fragrances.

One of the biggest benefits in getting the Eye Arsenal collection is that you can save a lot of money compared to buying the items separately. Younique will even give you a makeup bag to carry all of your cosmetics in.

Grab the Eye Arsenal Now

Reading a review is one thing but the best way to see if a product is for you is to get it. If you’re interested in getting the Eye Arsenal, go to Younique by Dylan, a leading distributor of Younique products.

Visit the website today for more information on special promos, offers, and discounts!

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