Keep Your Skin Hydrated Day and Night with Younique Moisturizers

Keep Your Skin Hydrated Day and Night with Younique Moisturizers

What are the secrets to healthy skin? In addition to eating the right food and getting enough sleep, skincare definitely plays a role. Some people may feel intimidated by the idea due to many routines including upwards of 10 steps. Newsflash: Not everyone needs to start with such a complex regimen. At the most basic, you just need products that cleanse, protect, and moisturize your skin. And then add steps to address your specific needs later on. But did you know that you can keep your skincare routine simple while targeting your skin’s needs? With Younique products, you sure can.

What’s Great About Younique Skincare?

What’s Great About Younique Skincare

Different people have varying needs when it comes to skin care. It can be excess oil, dryness, dullness, acne, or discoloration among other things. If you find yourself suffering from any of these issues, do it with YOU·OLOGY, the Younique skincare line that you can customize according to your needs. Each base product you get comes with your choice of 3 boosters which aim to address various skin concerns.

Depending on your preferences, there are several types of cleansers, toners, and masks you can try. But there are only two moisturizers available—one for the day and one for nighttime use.

The Reason You Need to Use Both Younique Moisturizers

The Reason You Need to Use Both Younique Moisturizers

If you’re new to the world of skin care, you’re probably wondering why you need two different moisturizers. Simply put, conditions during day and night are different, and you need products that can refresh, rejuvenate, and replenish your skin at all times.

  • Day Moisturizer

The YOU·OLOGY day moisturizer hydrates and nourishes your skin. This makes it the best moisturizer to use when you want to conquer everyday environmental stressors. It also has a lightweight formula, making it easy to layer on makeup without worrying about cracks.

  • Night Cream

If you’re looking for a moisturizer that works even while you’re sleeping, the YOU·OLOGY night cream is for you. This nighttime moisturizer and its boosters feature ingredients that replenish and support your skin’s natural ability to repair itself.

By using both moisturizers in your daily skincare routine, you’re able to protect your skin against damage day in and day out.

Don’t Skip Out

Don’t Skip Out

No matter how many steps there are in your skincare routine, moisturizer is one you can’t skip out on. When you cleanse and exfoliate, you’re also stripping away moisture from the skin, which can lead to further damage. Fortunately, Younique moisturizers can address those concerns.

So if you’re looking for products to try, consider the Younique’s Day Moisturizer and Night Cream. You can purchase the items separately or get an entire skincare set. Check out the YOU·OLOGY custom quad which includes a cleanser, a serum, and both moisturizers. You’ll also get your choice of 3 boosters to use with each base product so you can customize your regimen to meet your specific needs.

You can find all of these at Younique by Dylan, the leading distributor of Younique products. Visit the website today for all your makeup and skin care needs!

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