The Perks of Being a Younique Product Distributor

The Perks of Being a Younique Product Distributor

What would you do if you were told that you can combine your love of makeup, your passion for helping others, and your dream of running your own business into a profitable and fulfilling venture? It may sound impossible, but when you become a Younique product distributor, that can be your reality.

What Does a Younique Product Distributor Do?

What Does a Younique Distributor Do

To put things simply, a Younique distributor, otherwise known as a presenter, is someone who markets and sells Younique products. This can turn your love of makeup into your dream job.

On top of that, if you’re someone who likes empowering and uplifting others, this is definitely the role for you. As a Younique presenter, not only are you providing your customers with high-quality beauty products, but you can also provide them an amazing business opportunity so you can grow and earn together.

The Benefits of Being a Younique Presenter

The Benefits of Being a Younique Presenter

One of the biggest perks of being a Younique product distributor comes in the form of the Younique Presenter Kit, a curated box of best-selling products to kickstart your journey. Featuring a good mix of makeup and skincare, the presenter kit has a retail value of $448. But as a presenter, you can get it for just $99! You can keep it for personal use or you can sell the items to make some profit.

While you wait for your kit to arrive, Younique will equip you with everything you need to launch your business. You’ll receive a free personal website that comes with a fully-functioning e-commerce store so you can start selling products immediately. You’ll also have access to training materials and other presenters to help you gain valuable marketing techniques and critical business insights so you can ensure your venture will be a success.

Once you earn $50 in commissions, you’ll also receive a PayQuicker card. So instead of having to wait for the end of the week or month, Younique will process your profit payout within 3 hours after making a sale.

Can You Really Earn Money from This?

Can You Really Earn Money from This

In addition to getting profits from your sales, the Younique compensation plan gives you more reason to work hard and earn money. Depending on how well you market and sell products, you can go up 8 levels that determine the percentage of royalties that you earn. The greater your sales, the higher you go, and the more money you get.

As an MLM company, another way for you to earn is by recruiting other people to be presenters under your team. Depending on the level you and your team are at, you can earn a portion of profits from the team’s sales.

The Younique compensation plan also includes a car bonus where qualified presenters can earn $250 per month based on personal sales.



If you’re interested in starting a business and taking control of your life, now’s the time to become a Younique presenter. For more information on this opportunity, visit Younique by Dylan, a leading Younique product distributor. Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter so you can get the latest updates on new products and special offers.

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