Younique Ready, Prep, Set – Everything You Need in One Makeup Bag

Younique Ready, Prep, Set - Everything You Need in One Makeup Bag

What’s in your bag? Specifically, what’s in your makeup bag? Makeup can be simple or complicated. It’s really up to your personal preferences and your daily lifestyle. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in makeup, there’s no denying that you have your go-to products. If you don’t, now’s the time to do it with the Be Younique Ready, Prep, Set collection.

What Is the Younique Ready, Prep, Set?

Ready, Prep, Set is a collection of must-have Younique makeup. By “must-have”, we mean products that you need to create your everyday look all in one makeup bag.

Since its inception in 2012, Younique strives to offer products to uplift and empower its customers. One way they do that is by providing high-quality makeup items that make it easy for anyone to create a look that they’re confident with.

All the Younique Makeup You Need in a Day

All the Younique Makeup You Need in a Day

Let’s be honest, we don’t need a ton of makeup to create an everyday look. Whether it’s a simple look to go to the office or you just want to look fresh when you’re running errands, the Ready, Prep, Set collection is all you need.

Here’s what you get.

  • Primer

Get your skin ready for makeup with the Touch Glorious Face Primer. This Younique makeup product provides a base for your foundation so that anything you put over it will go on smoother and last longer.

  • Foundation

Foundations come in different forms and Younique understands that people have different preferences. This is why they let you choose what type of foundation you want in your Ready, Prep, Set collection.

You can choose among the Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation, the Touch Stick Foundation, or the BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer. And of course, you can choose your shade.

  • Concealer

Let’s be honest, most people don’t have perfect skin. There are dark circles, varying undertones, acne, and other skin issues that need to be covered up. Ready, Prep, Set also comes with the Touch Mineral Skin Perfecting Concealer to help you achieve flawless-looking skin.

  • Blush

Time for a pop of color! Do you prefer pinks, peaches, or mauves? What about matte or shimmer? You can choose which shade and finish of Moodstruck Pressed Blusher to add to your bag.

  • Setting Product

To make sure that your makeup stays in place with no smudging or fading, you can choose between the Touch Behold Setting Spray or the Touch Behold Translucent Setting Powder.

And to make sure you have all your makeup all organized, the Younique Ready, Prep, Set collection also comes with a makeup bag.

Who This Is Perfect For

Who This Is Perfect For

If you have a busy lifestyle and just want a flawless everyday look, this collection of Younique products is all you need. Likewise, it’s also perfect for frequent travelers so you don’t have to bring your entire makeup collection with you. Ready, Prep, Set is also ideal for those who are just starting with makeup as they feature simple but high-quality items to meet your daily needs.

To top it off, buying Ready, Prep, Set is more affordable than putting individual products in your cart. So you’re saving more money when you get the collection.

If you’re interested in Ready, Prep, Set, go to Younique by Dylan, a leading distributor of Younique products. Visit the website today for more special offers and discounts on top of your purchase!

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