Create Your Routine with Younique Skincare Products for Acne Prone Skin

Jun 19, 2020 | Blog

Create Your Routine with Younique Skincare Products for Acne Prone Skin

Are you suffering through breakouts, blackheads, clogged pores, and blemished skin? It’s time to look at your skincare routine. The basics of any regimen deal with cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting. However, if you have specific skin concerns, you need to have products that address them. Lucky for you, there are Younique products that can take care of multiple issues of acne-prone skin.

A Younique Solution

A Younique Solution

There are numerous causes for acne. Your skin may be too dry or perhaps it’s producing too much oil. It may even be because your facial wash doesn’t penetrate deeply to clean your pores. While there are plenty of products in the market that can help with these concerns, you may not want to use all of them together. Fortunately, Younique allows you to create a simple regimen using YOU·OLOGY products, while targeting multiple skin issues.

A Younique Skincare Routine for Acne

A Younique Skincare Routine for Acne

YOU·OLOGY features just four essential items which belong to the YOU·OLOGY custom quad.

The set includes a cleanser, a serum, a day moisturizer, and a night cream. What changes these from ordinary products to Younique solutions is your choice of boosters. With each base product, you can choose three boosters that can help address your skin concerns.

Here are the boosters that you can get with each product.

  • Cleanser – replenishment, pore diminishing, oil control, hydrating, exfoliating
  • Serum – line minimizing, wrinkle reducing, firming, elasticity, glow, brightening
  • Day Moisturizer – oil control, pore diminishing, hydrating, tinting, environmental shield
  • Night Cream – calming, replenishment, hydrating, puffiness reducing, elasticity, time correcting

Depending on your skin problems, you can create a skincare routine that’s customized according to all your needs. You don’t have to switch up products or have too many steps. Talk about a convenient skincare routine!

Treatments for Acne-Prone Skin

Treatments for Acne Prone Skin

If you’re considering using Younique skincare products for acne prone skin, you just have to consider what causes your breakouts and go from there. The next step is choosing the boosters to address those issues. You also need a routine for acne treatment.

In addition to your daily skincare routine, there are also Younique masks that you can use to level up your acne treatment. 

Get Clearer Skin

Get Clearer Skin

Ready to have clearer skin? Go to Younique by Dylan, the leading distributor of Younique makeup and skincare products. Whether you want to treat acne or other skin concerns, your journey to better-looking skin starts here.

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