Younique With All That I Am, Me Review – True Love in a Bottle of Perfume

May 5, 2020 | Reviews

Younique With All That I Am, Me Review

The sense of smell is considered the rawest of all senses. It goes past our consciousness, evoking emotions and memories when we smell something familiar. But can a scent capture true love? With the Younique With All That I Am, Me perfume, you can.

The Story Behind the Scent

The Younique signature scents take inspiration from the real-life love story between co-founder Melanie Huscroft and her husband. Each fragrance carries a name based on how Melanie signed the love letters she sent in the early days of their courtship. Melanie used to spritz each letter with her favorite perfume at the time.

Much like Younique’s mission to uplift, empower, and validate its customers, Melanie created these scents to represent the warmth and sensuality in anyone who uses them.

An Audacious Scent of Love

An Audacious Scent of Love

Released on Younique’s 6th anniversary, With All That I Am, Me is the latest addition to the brand’s line of signature scents. Described as bold and vibrant, this Younique perfume is the scent of love that gets what it wants.

A Review of Ingredients and Notes

One of the disadvantages of buying a perfume online is that you don’t know exactly what it smells like until you actually get it. A way to work around this is to read someone else’s review to give you an idea of what it’s like. Another is to study the ingredients and notes so you can have an understanding of the overall scent that results from the combination.

Here’s what the Younique With All That I Am, Me is made of.

  • Key Ingredients – gardenia, purple orchid, cashmere woods
  • Top Notes – sparkling bergamot, silky gardenia, juicy mandarin
  • Heart Notes – vibrant jasmine, purple orchid, velvety tuberose
  • Base Notes – cashmere woods, luminous musks, sleek mahogany

What to Like About With All That I Am, Me

What to Like About With All That I Am, Me

One of the benefits of buying Younique products is that the brand is known for its high quality. So even if you’re buying a perfume that you haven’t smelled yet, you can be sure that it’s a good one.

Plus, most of the perfume’s notes should be familiar to everyone. So you have an idea on what effects they bring to the perfume.

Still on the Fence?

Just like all the signature scents, With All That I Am, Me comes in a 50mL bottle. But if you’re still not sure whether or not to commit to the scent, you can get Younique Fragrance Rollerballs instead. Each set offers a choice of 2 perfumes in a convenient 10mL rollerball bottle.

And just in case you like more than one signature scent, Younique offers a Fragrance Set of 3. Choose among the 5 fragrances and you’ll even get gifts on top of your purchase. You’ll also be saving some money when you buy the set instead of individual bottles.

Get Your Signature Scent Today

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