Why You Need YOU·OLOGY Serum in Your Younique Skincare Regimen?

Why You Need YOU·OLOGY Serum in Your Younique Skincare Regimen

The basic steps of skincare are pretty straightforward. Your cleansers clean, your moisturizers add moisture, your SPF protects. Then there’s the serum that can also have hydrating and moisturizing effects. But what makes a serum different from a moisturizer? Why do you need to add this step to your skincare routine? If you’re unsure what it is and how to incorporate it in our skincare regimen, Younique can help answer that question.

What’s the Difference Between Serums and Moisturizers?

What’s the Difference Between Serums and Moisturizers

Serums and moisturizers help the skin in different ways. Sometimes a serum is enough for your skin needs. Other times, you’ll need both a serum and moisturizer.

Serums are usually thinner and lighter than moisturizers. They also provide a wide range of functions to address various skin concerns. Serums contain active ingredients that you want to penetrate your skin as deeply as possible, so you should always apply the serum directly to your skin after cleansing or toning. Take that into consideration the next time you check Younique skincare products out.

Why Do You Need a Serum as Part of Your Regimen?

Why Do You Need a Serum as Part of Your Regimen

A Younique skincare regimen without a serum is a missed opportunity to improve your skin health. Serums can be anti-aging, skin brightening, acne preventing, and more. While some moisturizers have similar functions, using a serum can further boost its hydrating effects. Even if you have several skin concerns, Younique YOU·OLOGY serum can get them taken care of.

The Younique YOU·OLOGY Serum Explained

The Younique YOU·OLOGY Serum Explained

The YOU·OLOGY skincare line is a range of products that you can customize according to your needs. Each base product, such as the serum, comes with three boosters to help address your skin problems.

  • Glow Booster – contains bearberry extract and vitamin C to promote radiance. This booster uses lactic acid to refine your complexion and light-reflecting particles for an overall glowing appearance.
  • Firming Booster – formulated with proteins and herbal extracts to give the appearance of firmer skin.
  • Wrinkle Reducing Booster – contains specially-selected peptides and plant extracts that help reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and wrinkles.
  • Line Minimizing Booster – formulated with a combination of niacinamide and CoQ10 to help minimize the appearance of fine lines.
  • Brightening Booster – features a combination of vitamin C and licorice extract to promote skin brilliance.
  • Elasticity Booster – includes seaweed extracts and retinyl palmitate (vitamin A) to improve skin elasticity.

When you buy the serum, you get to choose three boosters. If you’re not sure what Younique products you need for your skincare routine, you can take the YOU·OLOGY skincare quiz so you can get some recommendations to match your needs.

Improve Your Skin Today

Improve Your Skin Today

Interested in adding a serum to your Younique skincare regimen? Go to Younique by Dylan for all your favorite Younique products.

And while you’re on it, you may also want to check out YOU·OLOGY custom quad which comes with a cleanser, a serum, and day and night moisturizing creams. Each base product also comes with three boosters of your choice.

Visit the website today for more information on the latest products and offers!

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