Everything You Need to Know About the Younique You·Ology Skin Care Line

Apr 17, 2020 | Blog

Everything You Need to Know About the Younique You·Ology Skin Care Line

We need to protect and nourish the skin just as much as we do for the rest of our body. With daily exposure to environmental factors such as UV rays, pollution, and oxidation that can cause damage to our skin, it’s a must to commit to a regular skincare regimen. However, people have different skin types and various issues that can’t be addressed by just one product. If you’re looking for products that fit your specific needs, look no further than the Younique You·Ology skin care line.

The Younique You·Ology Skin Care Line Explained

The Younique You·Ology Skin Care Line Explained

You·Ology is all about you and your skin. The Younique skincare line is fully customizable so you can get products that address your specific needs. With over 40,000 possible combinations, this is the only skin care line anyone can ever need.

Don’t let that number overwhelm you. If you don’t know which product to add to your set, just take the Younique skin care quiz and you’ll get recommendations on what items will work best for you.

Start Customizing Your Skincare Routine

Start Customizing Your Skincare Routine

What makes You·Ology great?

The Younique skincare line features 4 base products, namely a cleanser, a serum, a day moisturizer, and a night cream. While each product works perfectly fine by itself, you can get more benefits when you pick three boosters to add to each of the bases. This way, you can target your skin’s specific needs.

The You·Ology Cleanser has five boosters, namely replenishment, pore diminishing, oil control, hydrating, and exfoliating.

The You·Ology Serum has six boosters, including line minimizing, wrinkle reducing, firming, brightening, elasticity, and glow.

For the You·Ology Day Moisturizer, you have five boosters to choose from, namely oil control, pore diminishing, hydrating, tinting, and environmental shield.

Lastly, the You·Ology Night Cream offers six boosters, including calming, replenishment, hydrating, puffiness, elasticity, and time correcting.

Younique offers sets for day and night that have 2 to 4 base products with 3 boosters for each base. You can also opt to buy each base product individually and still get 3 boosters with it. Fun fact: You can save extra money if you decide to purchase a set.

More Younique Skincare Products to Try

More Younique Skincare Products to Try

You·Ology has more products in its skincare range, including cleansers, toners, and masks. Each product offers several benefits to target various skin needs.

  • You·Ology Liquid Makeup Remover
  • You·Ology Cleansing Stick
  • You·Ology Cleansing Cloths
  • You·Ology Toning Spritz (comes with 4 options: cucumber, lavender, grapefruit, or rose water)
  • You·Ology Rose Water Toning Spritz (comes in 50ml or 100ml bottles)
  • You·Ology Exfoliating Mask
  • You·Ology Oil Control Mask
  • You·Ology Brightening Mask
  • You·Ology Hydrating Mask
  • You·Ology Perfecting Mask
  • You·Ology Uplift Beauty Oil
  • You·Ology Protecting Veil SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Beauty Fluid

For best results, use the 4 base products together with your preferred cleansers, toners, and masks for a complete skincare regimen.

Try It Out for Yourself

Interested in what You·Ology can do for you? Go to Younique by Dylan, the leading distributor of 100% genuine Younique skincare and makeup products. Visit the website today for special offers, promos, and discounts on top of your purchase!

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